Informations on Trame

Trame refers to two different concepts:

  • on the one hand, the Trame is the name given by Patrick Burensteinas, a scientist by training, to the circulation pattern of our body's information network,

  • on the other hand, La Trame® is a technique for harmonizing the body, developed by Patrick Burensteinas in 1990, which acts on this information network, allowing the body to rebalance itself.

Our body, like a musical instrument, can sometimes become out of tune.
Trame is a technique that will allow it to regain its initial vibration.


Questions and Answers on Trame

What is Trame?

Trame is the name given by Patrick Burensteinas to the body's coherent master plan, a quantum grid or matrix which organizes the cells of the body and dictates to each one its place and its function. This quantum grid holds together all the threads of information which allow the body to exist. It is similar to the matrix of a rug where the weft (Trame) maintains all the threads in a specific order for the creation of the rug.


Disorders of Trame

At birth, we are all born with a unique weft (Trame) which has its own frequency and directs the flow of energy and information to the cells. As we experience life, external factors interfere with our Trame and create disturbances.

Most often these disturbances are caused by our emotions. When emotions are suppressed or left unresolved, they accumulate and crystallize in the body. This process interferes with the circulation of information to each cell.

The Techniques of Trame® ?

Trame® is also the name of a holistic technique developed by Patrick Burensteinas to realign and harmonize the body's quantum grid back to its original unified state and frequency.

Ondulation du tapis

The body's quantum grid holds together all the information that allows the body to exist. 
Imagine a carpet, if we shake it from one end, we would create a wave to run through it. 
If stones accumulate on the carpet, they disturb the fluidity of the wave. 
However if we continue to shake, the stones will be removed.


In the body the stones represent crystallized emotions, which are stuck in the human weft (Trame) and hinder the natural flow of information to the cells. The objective of Trame® is to rid the body of these crystallized emotions to regain a free flowing circulation of energy and information inside the body. This leaves the person feeling more balanced, energized and in harmony with him/herself and his/her environment.

This vibrational technique releases crystallized emotions and physical pains through a series of 16 gentle and non intrusive hand gestures. They are applied to a fully clothed individual while laying on his back. This technique brings an awareness of what the individual needs and leaves the initiative to the body to do the work.

There is no psychological intervention nor any diagnosis done during the session.

Benefits of Trame® ?

  • Soothing of stress and tensions
  • Decreased pain
  • Increased energy
  • Improved concentration and clarity of thought
  • Improvement of relationships
  • Increased self confidence
  • Mitigation of depression and anxiety
  • Greater ability to manage crisis situations
  • May slow the progression of disease in a person (Alzheimer, cancer, fibromyalgia, etc.)

Even though some changes can be observed immediately, the body still needs a period of 3 weeks between sessions. This time allows the 40+ trillion cells to synchronize with the matrix, so each cell finds its place and purpose once again within the collective. 3 to 5 sessions or more may be needed.

Rate per session?

A session of 1 hour costs

  • 80€ for adults

  • 65€ for children and students